We have previously identified that we need you to demonstrate the efforts you have made trying to resolve your pay issues. It is also very important that if you have incurred financial expenses because of pay problems, you submit a claim. The Government of Canada has provided this resource, regardless if we feel it is adequate or not, it is important to use it when applicable. Each department should have a claim’s officer to help with the claims process. If a claim is refused a separate grievance related to that denial could be filed.

There are four types of claims available to be claimed:

  1. Out-of-pocket expenses such as interest charges or late fees;
  2. Reimbursement for tax advice;
  3. Request and advance of government benefits, such as the Canada child benefit;
  4. Claims for impacts to income tax and government benefits; If you were owed salary from one year that was only paid the following year (for example, salary from 2017 paid to you in 2018), you might incur a financial loss related to paying a higher rate of income tax or reduced government benefits and credits such as the Canada child benefit.